Refresher Course

Refresher Course

SOD recognizes that some alumni aspire to take the school of disciple program again but are not able to go through the 10-Month Course due to their busy schedules.

We have designed a Refresher class for everyone who have passed through the School of Disciples that still want to take the course again.

Its high time we returned to school! With our little experiment of some committed and focused leaders of the church that have gone through this refresher’s course, we discovered that if all officers in the mission would devote their time for this refresher’s course, a glorious future is certain for this our church.

This course will run for 10 days (including Sunday for Manual Labour). The Time is 8:00am – 5:00pm daily and will include a total of 30 modules structured into hourly schedules. Please see timetable for further details

All correspondence for request and enquiries should be forwarded to email: or phone: +234 (0) 9027179950 & +234 (0) 8166171267

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Executive Class

Executive Class

School of Disciples Executive Course (SODEC)

SOD recognizes that some personnel and clergy aspire to take the school of disciple programme but are not able to go through the 10-Month Course due to their busy schedules. To this end, the authority of the School has designed and put in place the School of Disciples Executive Course (SODEC), for personnel and executive who have busy schedules. Executives must take time out for the required days. The Program will take place at the Camp ground – SOD Secretariat. It must also be understood that practical attachments and manual labour are inclusive.


The world at large is in dire need of Godly revolution and in view of this we aim to:
  • Produce disciples who would do the work of Jesus
  • Train dynamic soldiers of the cross for these end time warfare
  • Equip faithful men and women who will in turn teach others
  • Impact basic teachings on every area of Christian living and service
School Fees - ₦80,000 Duration: 10 Days of lecture (with SATURDAY for Manual Labour, Outreach, Evangelism and other related activities) Time: 8am to 6pm daily Venue: Main Campus @ Redeemer’s Disciples Secretariat, Redemption Camp, Mowe, Ogun State. Certificate: Graduate Certificate in Discipleship Training Reason for Course: Pastoral Duties, Church Executives, Church Administration, Evangelism and Church Growth Our Trainers/Facilitators are tested and trusted resource persons from SOD and RCCG such as the National Coordinator (SOD), Asst. National Coordinator (SOD), Senior Pastors, and Elders etc. with many years of training experience in Biblical Studies/Discipleship Training.

Subjects Covered

  • The Disciple (Know Yourself)
  • The Enemy (Know Your Enemy)
  • The Weapons of our Warfare
  • Manual Labour
  • Class Project
  • Outreach & Evangelism
Pre‐Requisites of Attendance: Area Pastors & Above, National Secretaries, CGO’s Managers, Supervisors, CEO’s Entry Requirements: Minimum Age: 30 years and above Assessment Methods: Examinations/Manual Labour/Evangelism (Converts). Number of Delegates: 12 & above
Course Enquiries: To secure this course, you must contact us at or call us on our landline which is +2349027179950 and +2348166171267 during office hours. Outside office hours you can leave a message (email or SMS). We will inform you of the methods of payment with terms and conditions associated with this training thereafter.
New Student Regsitration SOD

Accelerated Discipleship Program: Nigerian Student

The school is meant for every born again and Spirit-filled believer irrespective of denomination, educational level, job status, sex etc; who is willing to be a member of the Last Days Army of the Lord.

There is always a period of examination at the end of each part during which the disciples are examined in written papers covering the three course and attendance.

The disciple is also judged by his/her ability to bring others into the school. Based on the performance in the examination, students are promoted to the next class. For you to register, you need to contact any of the available centres near you or call us on any of the following numbers +234 (0) 7035400926.

The SOD registration process requires that you purchase a pin which would give you access to the online portal registration form. Once the pin is purchased and you have unlocked the registration form using the pin, you would now proceed to enter the necessary details required and upon completion you will be given your SOD registration number as well as login access to monitor your progress.

God Bless you!

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international student

Accelerated Discipleship Program: International Student

The school of Disciples a vision of Pastor E.A. Adeboye started in 1985 at the redemption camp, near Lagos South-west Nigeria. The school had since then witnessed various developments bringing about its spread to all the parts of the nation.

The Good news is that non-Nigeria residents can as well enjoy the insightful teachings of the school and grow thereby as the program has been made available to accommodate international students.

Yearly we register students from Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Sufficient arrangement had been made for availability of SOD centers and teachers somewhere near you. Visit any Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God near you and then register online here.

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