New Student Regsitration SOD

Accelerated Discipleship Program: Nigerian Student

The school is meant for every born again and Spirit-filled believer irrespective of denomination, educational level, job status, sex etc; who is willing to be a member of the Last Days Army of the Lord.

There is always a period of examination at the end of each part during which the disciples are examined in written papers covering the three course and attendance.

The disciple is also judged by his/her ability to bring others into the school. Based on the performance in the examination, students are promoted to the next class. For you to register, you need to contact any of the available centres near you or call us on any of the following numbers +234 (0) 7035400926.

The SOD registration process requires that you purchase a pin which would give you access to the online portal registration form. Once the pin is purchased and you have unlocked the registration form using the pin, you would now proceed to enter the necessary details required and upon completion you will be given your SOD registration number as well as login access to monitor your progress.

God Bless you!

You are adviced to start registration with the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

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